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Below is a listing of our videos on IPFS, the interplanetary filesystem.

3d Printed AIR BEARINGS! Ready for Tesla Turbine!

3d Tesla Valve Simulation Way More efficient!!

451 MPH Slow Motion Tesla Turbine EXPLOSION!

559 MPH Unbalanced Tesla Turbine, Wait for the Balance!!!

Air Bearings Used For High Speed Tesla Turbine!

Animations Showing Fluid Flow Through The Turbine Pump Combo

Can warm water power the Tesla Turbine!! COLD STEAM

Cold Steam Testing On The Way!!

Demonstrating Our Generator Run Wireless With The Dual Stage Tesla Turbine

DIY High Speed Dynamic Balancing! Tesla's Balancing Patent!

Dual Stage Metal Tesla Turbine Medium RPM Endurance test. Wait for it...

Dual Stage Tesla Turbine Compressed air Watt Test

Dual Stage Tesla Turbine, Conscious Energies Live Podcast 12, Interview with Jeremiah.

Dual Stage Tesla Turbine, IMPLOSIONS

Extremely Efficient Tesla Turbine Variant turns Water Vapor into Ice!

Flash Cold Steam! Under 120F water Fuel for the Tesla Turbine!!!

High Speed High Efficiency Generator for Tesla Turbine!! Wireless transmission of motive force!

Homemade Lightning Effects

Huge HHO Explosion, One of Many Fuel's for The Tesla Turbine.

Large Newman Motor_Generator To Be Coupled With Tesla Turbine

Low Pressure Tesla Turbine Pump Combo RAW ELECTRICAL POWER!

Low RPM 400 Watt Broken Dual Stage Tesla Turbine Test

Lung Powered Tesla Turbine!!!!!! 7 Watts!

Metal Tesla Turbine Low RPM Low Pressure Test. TEASER!

One Disk Tesla Turbine Air Bearing Prototype 62000+ RPM

One HORSE-POWER 2.5 LB, Dual Stage TESLA TURBINE!! Made of plastic!!

Powerful Tesla Turbine Generator With Magnetic Bearings!

See The AWESOME POWER of the Two Stage Tesla Turbine!!

Self Sustaining Two Stage Tesla Turbine!

Tesla Turbine AIR BEARING! Nearly Friction-Less New Prototype!

Tesla Turbine -- Cold Steam Engine Theory -- 100% efficiency as claimed by Nikola Tesla!

Tesla Turbine Generator Power Test Sneak Peek! One Coil One Magnet.

Tesla Turbine Incinerator + Solar Electric Heat Battery System!

Tesla Turbine Pump Combo! 30000+ RPM Volt HZ Test

Tesla Turbine running on cold steam!

Tesla Turbine Running On NEGATIVE Pressure, COLD STEAM!!!

Tesla Turbine Tribute Happy Birthday Tesla!

Tesla Turbine Variant Converts Heat from the Air into Kinetic Energy!

Tesla Turbine variant flame test Prototype 6

Tesla Turbine variant Load Test. Amazing results!

Tesla Turbine Variant Prototype 6 New Discoveries!

Tesla Valve Pulse Jet Engine, Testing New Design Great Results!

Tesla Valve Pulse Jet Engine To Power Tesla Turbine.

Tesla Valve Pulse Jet Extra Footage

Testing Customers Dual Stage Tesla Turbine Model at 35000 RPM

The Workings of The Tesla Turbine and Tesla Pump Combination

Turbine air system that will replace batteries! Prototype 3-5V

Turbine air system that will replace batteries Test 2

Turbine air system that will replace batteries!

Turbine Blade EXPLODES at Over 47000 rpm!

Turbine Unboxing, 3d Printer, Vibration_Sound Test 11-13-2020

Two Stage Tesla Turbine Load Testing, Powering 1000w Motor

Ultra high speed HIGH TORQUE Tesla Turbine at ONLY 1-10 PSI!

Ultra high speed turbine at ONLY 3 PSI!

Water Plasma Pulse Jet Engine! For Powering The Tesla Turbine!

YouTube's Fastest Tesla Turbine! 431 MPH Periphery Speed!